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Our offices specialize in litigating commercial claims for our Clients. When you assign your case to us, suit is filed on an immediate basis.

Our Network of over 500 Attorneys is ready for any level of complexity. We are highly successful and do not stop until our clients monies are recovered 

Commercial Litigation Worldwide

Areas of Focus: 

UCC-1 Enforcement & Commercial Lien Mediation 
Fraud Investigations and Litigation
Commingling Investigation and Litigation
Corporate Veil Penetration
Garnishment Orders
Writs & Court Enforcement Processes 
Judgment Debtors Exams & Orders for Examination 
Earnings Withholding Orders 
Bank Levies
Vehicle Levies
Till Tap Levies
Keeper Levies
Involuntary Bankruptcy Litigation 
Fraudulent Conveyance Investigation
Felony Conversion Analysis
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Violations
Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations
Lien Foreclosures and Payment Enforcement 
Cyber Investigations
Asset Discovery 
Service of Process 
Subject Investigations
Partner/ Employee Investigation
Business Licensing Investigations 
Corporation Commission Verification 
Registrar of Contractors Complaints
Federal Compliance Verification
Locating Companies and Individually Liable Parties 
Personal Guarantor pursuits
Registrar of Contractors Complaints
Bond Enforcement Claims 
Lien Foreclosure Actions 
Pretrial Writ’s / X-Parte Writ’s 
Corporate Structural Flaws
Not for Profit Corporation Investigations
Uniform Commercial Code Infractions and Litigation
Federal & State Guidelines, Rules and Regulations
Bank Account Locations & Account Garnishments
Owing Party Vendor & Supplier Inquiries
Business and Personal Credit Bureau Analysis
National Involuntary Repossession
Construction of Vital documents 
Complaint Processes Involving Law Enforcement 
Live Time Case Updates and Electronic Filings
Judgment Enforcement
UCC Filings Authentication and Investigation
Post Judgment Interrogatories
Receivership Actions and Motions
Motions to Compel 
Subpoena Services 
Summary Judgments 
Embezzlement Investigation & Analysis